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Elora Home Hardware opened in February of 2011. Owners Paul and Patty Smith have lived in Elora for nearly 20 years and raised their six boys here.

"We love our community and are very proud to be a part of it. We have long enjoyed Elora's rich arts culture and spent many hours at the arena, ball fields, and soccer pitches."

Elora has a warm heart, funky downtown dining and shopping and some of the most beautiful natural scenery in all of Canada.

We would like Elora Home Hardware to be your local hardware store. Come in and let us make you feel at home.

We have packed a large and growing selection of basic hardware items into our store, and organized them so everything is easy to find. In addition we have a friendly, experienced staff to help you find what you need more quickly and to offer you helpful advice for your home improvement and repair projects.